*Objective: To showcase the unique cross-branding offerings of multiple local businesses in Alpharetta, Milton, and Johns Creek, GA encourage collaboration, and engage the community on social media platforms, and other online platforms. Localretta.com will use all of its online tools, and offline relationships to drive these campaigns as well.



* Identify Partner Businesses Reach out to a group of complementary local businesses that share a target audience but don't directly compete with each other. Here are some examples of small business combinations we hope to engage with the "Local Deals Unite" campaign.



  1. Café + Local Bookstore: A café and a local bookstore can collaborate to offer discounts or promotions. Customers can enjoy a cup of coffee while reading a book from the store's selection.

  2. Boutique Clothing Store + Local Jewelry Designer: A boutique clothing store can feature jewelry from a local designer. This not only supports local artisans but also provides customers with a unique, complementary fashion option

  3. Fitness Studio + Healthy Café: A fitness studio and a healthy café can team up to offer package deals. Customers who attend fitness classes get discounts at the café, promoting a healthy lifestyle.

  4. Art Gallery + Wine Bar: An art gallery can partner with a nearby wine bar to host art openings and events. Patrons can enjoy wine while appreciating local artwork.

  5. Spa + Local Skincare Brand: A spa can use and sell products from a local skincare brand. This adds value to spa treatments and supports local businesses.

  6. Pet Groomer + Pet Supply Store: A pet groomer can collaborate with a pet supply store to offer bundled services and discounts. Customers who groom their pets can receive discounts on pet supplies, and vice versa.

  7. Yoga Studio + Massage Therapist: A yoga studio can partner with a local massage therapist to offer wellness packages. After a yoga class, customers can enjoy a discounted massage.

  8. Outdoor Adventure Store + Local Outdoor Guides: An outdoor adventure store can team up with local outdoor guides to offer guided hikes, camping trips, or other outdoor experiences to customers who purchase outdoor gear.

  9. Craft Brewery + Food Truck: A craft brewery can invite food trucks to park outside their location, providing customers with a diverse dining experience while enjoying local craft beers.

  10. Children's Clothing Store + Toy Store: A children's clothing store can partner with a toy store to offer discounts on clothing for customers who purchase toys, and vice versa.

  11. Home Improvement Store + Local Contractors: A home improvement store can collaborate with local contractors to provide customers with access to professional services for home improvement projects.

  12. Gym + Nutritionist: A gym can work with a local nutritionist to offer personalized fitness and nutrition plans to members, helping them achieve their health goals.

  13. Art Supply Store + Art Classes: An art supply store can partner with local artists to offer art classes, encouraging customers to purchase supplies and take classes in the same location.

  14. Vintage Clothing Store + Thrift Shop: A vintage clothing store can collaborate with a local thrift shop to curate unique fashion collections and offer vintage finds alongside thrift items.

  15. Farmers' Market + Local Restaurants: Farmers' markets can partner with nearby restaurants to showcase local produce and ingredients in restaurant dishes, promoting both local agriculture and dining establishments.

* When forming cross-branding partnerships, it's essential to align with businesses that share similar values and target demographics. Additionally, clear communication and mutual promotion are key to the success of these collaborations.



* You and your Cross-Branding partner can create a special coupon that both of your customers or any non-customer can use. You must have a premium listing on Localretta.com to participate in this awesome opportunity.


* You can post up to 20 cross-branding coupons under your Localretta listing profile. Your customers can print, email, or share that cross-branded coupon with their friends and family. So, it will have a viral effect. You and your Cross-branding partner will decide how you want to create the coupon etc. The "Local Deals Unite" logo must be on any coupon that is created. Localretta will supply all participants with that logo.



*You Must be a local Alpharetta, Milton, or Johns Creek, GA business to list on Localretta.com. Let the deals begin!